About us

Bauser Poland sp. z o.o. is a daughter company of Werner Bauser GmbH registered in Wehingen Germany. Bauser is a company with more than 50 years of experience in pressure die-casting.

The name Werner Bauser GmbH means first of all the highest precision of the parts made of plastic, pressure die-casted to particular use. To make a long story short: Bauser - is a specialist of engagement and precision in plastic. Furthermore, in the production of gears for toothed wheels, satellite wheels, worm wheels, octoid and coronary toothed wheels. Own development, the best service for the solution of engagements of toothed wheels.

The more difficult the better.

Our products are parts of complex general solutions. Each element takes care of flawless and reliable work of the entire system.

We care fore that Bauser's elements filled their role on the highest level of quality – for instance the best possible mechanism of the toothed-worm wheel.

Also, if you are looking for competent supplier of systems we are at Your service.

Our structure and experience enable us to transfer to our clients, on basis of entire process, innovative know-how.

Our everyday challenges are concerned with demanding, complex high-tech solutions.

Strict fitting for which we care every day, between consultancy, construction, the production of tools, production and measuring technique, makes from our expertise knowledge Bauser'svaluable know-how and eventually leads to the highest quality.

The solutions for the wheel engagements are fulfilling nowadays more and more important role as so-called “mute helpers” in the background - the same role as electronic devices fulfil in cars and in the driving technique. The point here is the functional security and general life of a product and maximum of comfort.

Bauser purposefully focuses on the one field of activity: the production of the precise parts made of plastic.

Bauser Poland sp. z o.o. as a subsidiary company of Werner Bauser GmbH offers the same range of products and guarantees the highest quality and precision.

We - Bauser Poland sp. z o.o. from the beginning are your partner and we are competent to provide You service as our client.

We are at Your disposal and we gladly answer on all inquires in Your mother tongue.

Naturally, we Bauser Poland will be proud if You become our client. What about casual conversation?

We can speak Polish, Russian, English, German and Spanish.